A 19 year old’s breakfast…

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When a child grows up it’s often really easy to miss just how suddenly things can change. Jake reached the grand old age of 19 last week ๐Ÿ˜ฏ and a few things have started to become apparent. For starters, a large section of his wardrobe now no longer gets worn. It appears as though our ‘metal’ Jake has suddenly lost all sense of colour; if it’s not black, it’s not worn. Simple. Our ‘metal’ Jake is now more than capable of operating his own TV & DVD remotes (often in the wee small hours of the morning) which makes our early mornings a lot more tiring due to the lack of sleep the night before (and I do hope my many online friends who are currently struggling with the sleepless nights & early mornings feel better for hearing this?). Unfortunately, Jakeโ€™s well rehearsed independence isnโ€™t all plain sailing, as this weekend highlightedโ€ฆ

During the weekend a 19 year old Jake will happily climb into bed in the wee small hours, while his mummy & step-daddy will be finally getting to sleep themselves. And while Jake sleeps, his tired mummy & step-daddy will rescue his stranded brother from the kitchen worktop, cook breakfast, visit grandparents, shop, cook lunch, work, play with Sawyer and start to prepare tea… And only then will a 19 year old Jake decide that it’s breakfast time ๐Ÿ˜ฏ A morning breakfast has never been acceptable for Jake!!! So while his mummy & step-daddy are sipping an afternoon cuppa our 19 year old, slightly hungover Jake will stagger downstairs and infest the house with the smell of fried bacon.

This weekend however, we had visitors to the house and visitors who bore birthday cards & gifts for our 19 year old Jake. There was nothing to it, he had to be woken & he wasn’t happy. And to make matters worse our 19 year old Jake had birthday money to spend (the Holy Grail or Golden Fleece for any 19 year old) so he had to drag himself into Derby before the shops closed. His usual weekend in bed was thoroughly ruined ๐Ÿ™

This Sunday however our 19 year old, slightly hungover Jake had a rather different afternoon breakfast, one which almost made up for the rude awakening the day before…

I think he was suitably impressed ๐Ÿ™‚