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Well that’s that then; it’s all over for another season and only one more to go before it all ends for good :shock: As usual Lost ended with the now customary WTF ending and we’ll no doubt have that all too familiar painful wait until next year, before we get any hints at answers & solutions!!! I do have a few theories about a few of the ‘things‘ that were crammed into last night’s finale, but I think I’ll expand on those in later blog posts…

So, what do we know and what don’t we know?

We know that…

Jack does succeed in dropping the bomb down the shaft at the Swan Station – It hits the floor but doesn’t detonate. I thought it was primed to go off on impact or was that something that Sayid failed to set up?

The drill at the Swan Station does indeed penetrate too deep and does release the magnetic energy – Everything metallic is sucked down the shaft, including Juliet wrapped in a metal chain.

The ‘incident’ does happen as foretold by Daniel – The powerful magnetic energy is released and the show ends with a blinding flash of white light. Is this flash the result of the magnetic power? Is it the result of Juliet getting the bomb to detonate? Or is it a combination of the two?

John Locke did die and his corpse is still in a cargo-box taken from flight 316 – This is something I’ll expand on later (basically because I don’t know where the hell to start with Locke!!!), but the simple :shock: facts are that the present day island now appears to have two John Lockes… One who is in fact dead and lies in a cargo-box and another supremely confident Locke who leads the ‘Others’ to Jacob, where he persuades Ben to kill him.

Jacob has visited some, if not all of the original 815 survivors in their past and has resided on the Island for a long, long time – Again, another expanded theory may follow on this one. I guess the big question for me is why did he visit them? And was there any significance in when he went to visit them and what he said to them? Jacob was the reason Sayid’s girlfriend Nadia gets hit by the car, Jacob also persuaded Hurley to return to the Island. After Locke gets pushed from the building Jacob tells him, ‘Don’t worry, everything is going to be alright. I’m sorry this happened to you.’ He tells Sun & Jinย  ‘I’d like to offer you my blessing. Love is a very special thing. Never take if for granted’ at their wedding. After handing Jack one of those mysterious Apollo Bars, he tells him ‘I guess it just needed a little push,’. He crops up when a very young Kate gets caught stealing and says ‘You’re welcome. You’re not going to steal anymore, are you?’ and at the funeral of Sawyer’s parents he tells the young boy ‘I’m very sorry about your mother and father, James.’ He also visited Ilana in hospital and asked a favour of her… Why? why? and why? and what was he there for?

Somebody else has been on the Island for as long as Jacob and this man wants to kill Jacob – The finale begins with a man seen with Jacob way back, when the Black Rock sailing ship arrived and when the four toed statue was still complete.ย  He tells Jacob ‘Do you have any idea how badly I want to kill you?’ and that ‘One of these days, sooner or later, I’m going to find a loophole, my friend.’ The finale ends with Jacob telling Locke “You found your loophole,’ before Ben stabs Jacob, which kinda implies that Locke is somehow the man at the beginning with Jacob. There is the obvious Biblical link here with Jacob and his older brother Esau. The latter hating his brother after selling his birthright to his younger brother. The Hebrew translation of Esau is ‘Hairy’, linking very nicely with the mysterious Lost character and there does seem to be a very clear black & white, good v evil theme with him & Jacob…

Jacob tells Locke/Esau/whoever that ‘They’re coming…’ before being pushed onto the fire – This could be a reference to Ilana’s small group with the corpse of Locke or maybe it’s refering to the 1977 losties possibly being zapped back to the present day? Or maybe it’s something or someone entirely different!!!

I still think this has been one of, if not the, best Lost season so far and I’m sure the Web will be awash with theories all year… Don’t get me started on that four toed statue ;-)

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