The Pool of tears – 2019

Ink pen and acrylic on old Alice in Wonderland book pages

42 x 30cm

Another of my Alice portraits. This time I decided to use my newly acquired old illustrated version of Alice in Wonderland. Usually when I’m working this way I tend to avoid any images in my collage background, but I just thought these illustrations were too nice not to use.

This artwork was done during my demonstration for the Ashby Art Group, Derbyshire. Many thanks to the group for asking me over and I’m hoping you all had an entertaining evening?

Original artwork and signed prints of this piece are available to purchase via my online shop.



“On Monday 13th May 2019 we had a demonstration of  pen & ink drawing and portraiture by professional artist Stephanie  Coley.

Wishing to combine her art with her love of literature Steph likes to do her drawing over a background of pages of a book, she likes to use old illustrated books with nice lettering and a warm hue to the pages such as the illustrated works of Lewis Carroll.

… the end result was quite stunning. Everyone watched the demonstration with some fascination as Steph created the image, gradually building it up to the end result. Thanks Steph for a wonderful and entertaining demonstration.” Ashby Art Group