Art Demonstrations

I’m always happy to demonstrate my arty skills. Over the years my art demonstrations have taken me to numerous art groups, local societies and organisations. I love to talk; sometimes a little too much 🙄 . I like to share my creative passion and rather bizarrely I love the challenge and the pressure of creating art in front of people. The artwork doesn’t always go as perfectly as I’d like it too, but that’s half the fun of creating and at least that way people get the chance to see my creative approach, warts and all 🙂

Most of the demonstrations I do tend to be 2 hour sessions, but I’m fairly flexible on this. I charge by the hour, plus travel expenses.

Aside from creating the artwork during the demonstration, I will always bring along a fair few examples of my other artwork and I’ll happily talk through my techniques and discuss art materials that I use. I’ll also answer pretty much any questions that are fired my way.

“In January 2018 we had a very inspirational demonstration from Stephanie Coley. She is a local artist who uses collage and mixed media to create some wonderful artwork. She showed the group how she uses old ‘broken’ books and then using black biro, draws in a face. We were very inspired with the process. Most of us are very traditional in our creative painting, but Stephanie showed us how, using this method, you can create some stunning artwork. The group really enjoyed our afternoon with Stephanie. She was generous with her time and teaching.” – U3A Ripley & District – Art Group


“This was a most interesting demonstration that could boost the sale of ‘biros’ in the Birstall area! So much potential for people to try this interesting technique and so much talent within our society for individuals to take on the challenge and have a go. Loved to see her do her workshop.” – Birstall & District Art Society

Art Workshops

Sometimes people aren’t content with just listening and watching me creating my artwork. Sometimes people want to have a go themselves and why wouldn’t you? As I mainly specialise in mixed media collage and pen & ink artwork, that tends to be mainly what I get asked to run workshops on. Having said that, I also have a fond passion for portraits and figurative work, plus I often teach classes in acrylics, watercolours and pastels too.

Much the same as my demonstrations, my art workshops do tend to be two hour sessions, but I have delivered both longer and shorter sessions in the past. Once again I charge by the hour for my art workshops and do add travel expenses. I also charge for any specific art materials that are needed for the workshop. This often varies, as sometimes people will bring all their own materials/equipment while other times people are happy for me to provide everything.

If you or your group/organisation is interested in one of my demonstrations or workshops, drop me an email and we can discuss details.