Ashes and Demons – 2021
Acrylic on acrylic paper
35 x 25cm
A nice craggy photograph I found of actor Ian McShane, that I used in one of my portrait classes. I was specifically after someone with a slightly rugged and weathered face, which I’m sure Ian won’t mind 🙂
Decided to give this a go in acrylics, which as a portrait medium, is not something I’ve generally favoured. In the past it was always oils and then I’ve gradually moved more in ink and mixed media portraiture. So this was a nice new challenge for me. I was also aiming for something a lot less tight than a lot of my portrait work, so again, something a little different.
Oh and as for the title of this. That’s a nod to the character Ian played in American Gods.

Original artwork and signed prints of this piece are available to purchase via my online shop.