‘Eugener’s Edition’ 2020

Ink and acrylic on old book pages and sheet music.

30 x 42 cm

Sky Arts Portrait Artist of The week portraits number six for me. This week’s sitter was musician Professor Green, with profession artist this week Tom Mead.

Since embarking upon these weekly portrait challenges, I’ve eagerly awaited each Sunday morning and each live paint-along. Listening to and getting to know the sitters has been great and getting to see fellow artists at work has been especially nice. This week however, I really wasn’t feeling it at all. For whatever reason I really couldn’t get along with the live paint-along. So I dipped in and out during the morning, took a few screenshots and vowed to do my own version the following day.

When I set about my own artwork I was in a similar non-too-interested mood. I decided not to film my progress, which probably didn’t help and I really really struggled. I battled along, correcting mistake after mistake (never easy with an ink pen) and came so close to abandoning this so many times. My son popped in to see how the portrait was coming along and thought I was drawing Humpty Dumpty 😀

After a truly torrid time, I thankfully finished and walked away from this. I posted the finished artwork onto social media and then promptly received an email from Sky Arts, asking if they could feature it on their show the following week!!! So what the hell so I know 🙂

Original artwork and signed prints of this piece are available to purchase via my online shop.

So, as I’ve already mentioned. No video me creating this artwork, as I was in a grumpy arty mood and decided not to film it 🙂