‘Still she haunts me, phantomwise’ – 2020
Ink & acrylic on collage background
42 x 30cm


Self portraits are always an interesting little challenge. I’ve done quite a few drawings and paintings of myself over the years. 
Tackling them in my mixed media collage style does at least make the collage bit that bit easier, as I can find bits and bobs that really relate to me in some way.
So after a lot of fun and a lot of time trawling through my stash of collage materials, I added loads of Alice in Wonderland stuff onto this. A poem I used to recite when I acted in an Alice play. A bit of chess stuff (I do love a spot of chess) A few old music sheets, a bit of dressmaking pattern and a small piece of a handwritten letter that a lovely lady sent to me years ago. A lady who used to attend my collage classes used to write to me a lot. Beautifully handwritten letters, that I’ve been desperate to do something creative with for ages now.

Original artwork and signed prints of this piece are available to purchase via my online shop.

And for anyone interested in exactly how I put this artwork together. Here’s a video of me discussing my process, my ways of working and then some very sped up video film of me completing this from start to finish.