The Lighthouse – 2021
Acrylic on an unwanted and unloved lighthouse painting
35 x 25cm
There’s a nice little story behind this painting of the beautiful Chadwick Boseman.
On one of my recent Zoom art classes, I chose a rather lovely lighthouse photo for people to base their artwork on. With my Tuesday class I do try to mix things up a bit and I do try to not always select images/photographs that I particularly like. The lighthouse photo was great, as a photo. As something to base some artwork on, it left me absolutely cold. Landscapes have never really done it for me, sorry.
But during the class, I painted this lovely looking lighthouse, through gritted teeth… And then promptly painted over it 🙂 A few days after I posted a rather jolly little video of me painting over something I’d spent quite a few hours painting, yet something that did absolutely nothing for me. A few people may have been a bit surprised or shocked to see me do such a thing. Later that same week I started painting a portrait over my unloved lighthouse painting and the two paintings perfectly highlight why I make art and why I battle to earn a living as a professional artist…
I don’t make art that necessarily looks nice. I don’t make art to necessarily please other people. I don’t make art specifically to sell & make money. All of those things are a nice bonus. I make art because it makes me tingle inside. It excites me. It feeds my brain. It makes me feel more alive ?
Tuesday’s lighthouse painting didn’t. Thursday’s portrait painting did ?

Original artwork and signed prints of this piece are available to purchase via my online shop.