The Red Queen – 2021
Ink, acrylic, pencils &  collage on paper
42 x 30cm
Every now and again you encounter someone with a face that’s just begging to be drawn or painted. I’ve been really keen to draw actress Anya Taylor-Joy every since I first discovered her in The Queen’s Gambit. As an actress she does alter her appearance a wee bit, so the image I based this artwork on was taken from The Queen’s Gambit.
And as I’m also a bit of a chess geek too, I decided to draw Anya onto a nice collage background taken from an old chess handbook of mine. I’ve also used a few pages from one of my Alice in Wonderland books, just because I found some lovely quotes from the Red Queen.
As with a lot of my portraits, this was mainly drawn in biro. I’ve added a splash of colour with pencils and acrylic too.

Original artwork and signed prints of this piece are available to purchase via my online shop.