The Stars that light my Garden – 2020
Collage, ink, acrylic on paper
42 x 30cm
This is another of my Sky Artist of the Week portraits. On this week’s show the sitter was DJ and TV presenter Nihal Arthanayake with artist Dorian Radu.
It was a real joy watching Nihal & Dorian, as the pair had such lovely chemistry. Watching these shows often really helps me with my own portraits too. Some sitters are more vocal and chatty than others. Sometimes the artist/sitter conversation throws up some really interesting topics and this show was all of those things.
This was another week when I resisted the urge to get my paints out and to do something a bit different. But I did throw a bit more colour into this, which I don’t usually do. I tried to throw a bit of an urban graffiti vibe into this.

Original artwork and signed prints of this piece are available to purchase via my online shop.

And for anyone interested in exactly how I put this artwork together. Here’s a video of me discussing my process, my ways of working and then some very sped up video film of me completing this from start to finish.