One small step for ‘A’ man…

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So, while some people get paid not enough money to risk their own lives to put fires out or to work every hour imaginable to save sick and injured people, some people get paid bucket loads of cash to spend ages working out whether some guy said the word ‘a’ or not!!! Admittedly that some guy happens to be the first man to step on the moon and yes the word ‘a’ may or may not have been one of the first few words spoken on the moon, but come on!!!

‘Dr Chris Riley, author of the new Haynes book Apollo 11, An Owner’s Manual, and forensic linguist John Olsson carried out the most detailed analysis yet of Neil Armstrong’s speech patterns.’

Findings that will soon be presented at a Science Festival. I’m sure the findings will be a lot more exciting if you’re actually sat at the festival 😯 And also, is there really a Haynes Manual for an Apollo 11??? Is that why the Apollo 13 mission went so wrong??? Had the 11 manual not been updated to 13???

Dr Riley feels that his painstaking research has made ‘a positive contribution to the story of the Apollo mission.’ Yes I’m sure he does!!!

‘I’m pleased we’ve been able to contribute in this way and have hopefully drawn a line under the whole thing as a celebration of Neil and everyone involved with Apollo, rather than this constant little niggling criticism,’ he said.

I must admit, I’ll certainly be able to sleep a little easier now that’s been sorted out; those last 40 years have been absolute torture not knowing!!!

And for anyone remotely interested to know more…

As for me, I’m off to Ebay to pick up a second-hand Apollo Haynes Manual 🙂