Boutique Layout – 2021

Collage, acrylic, inks and printing on paper

42 x 30cm

Making my artwork happens in many different ways. Sometimes I have a rough plan. Sometimes I just play and see where the art takes me. I have good days, I have bad days. Then sometimes the artwork just appears with zero effort…

This particular piece started life as a quick ten minute demo in one of my art classes, just to show how I often start with a collage. It was then slid back into my sketchbook… I got it out again months later when I was showing a class how I add acrylic & inks onto my collage work. Once more it was hidden away in my sketchbook. It reappeared months later when I wanted something to experiment with during a gel printing session. Only to be returned to my sketchbook.

I then decided to drag this once more from my sketchbook during a recent Zoom class. Maybe it’s time I finally did something with this. Maybe I could actually make something out of all these little demo experiments… And in the end I did nothing. I left it as it was. I listened to people in my class who insisted the artwork was already finished…

So there you go. Artwork with practically zero thought or planning 🙂

Original artwork and signed prints of this piece are available to purchase via my online shop.