Some weeks are better than others…

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And I’m certainly hoping for a better one this week!!!

Monday – First off, Tracy’s mum has been really poorly, so we’ve been visiting quite a lot.  She’s had problems with her mouth and has generally been feeling a bit sorry for herself 🙁

Wednesday – I bit onto a seedy piece of bread and broke a huge chunk off my back tooth 😮 so now have mouth problems of my own!!! I also can’t really put into words exactly how much the dentist terrifies me!!!

Thursday – I somehow managed to drop my mobile into a bowl of water 😮 which put it out of action for almost 3 hours. These 3 hours almost exactly coincided with the 3 hours that Tracy spent trying to get hold of me at work… Nursery had called to say that Sawyer had a temperature and could I come to collect him. He’d been ill for about a week, but we were convinced he was all better again.

Friday – I spent over an hour waiting to see a doctor (it was almost TWO hours the week before!!!), before I angrily gave up.  As Sawyer seemed fine I attempted nursery once more, as I’d got kids to teach. Just after the teaching my thankfully dry mobile zapped into life and I was told that Sawyer had been throwing up everywhere!!! That evening we left the doctors with no clearer idea of what was ailing our little mite.

Sunday – My parents came over and as they walked in my dad asked ‘how’s the spots?’ Apparently he’d had a dream the night before that Sawyer was covered in spots… Less than 2 hours later and he was 😮

I’d like a bit of normality this week please…