16 weeks.

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Oh hello again blog. It has been a while!!!

Calvin & Hobbes - Dog poo

So, 16 weeks… Well, 16 weeks ago we were in a mess. A big mess. A dog related mess. Our beloved Baggins had just died and we were moping around in the massive miserable hole that our crazy dog had left behind. It wasn’t a nice time or place to be in… And yet, as we were struggling to cope with the death of our dog, forty miles south of us, almost to the very day that Baggins died, this was born…

Eight weeks later and we brought him home. Life has been a crazy madhouse ever since. I’ve seen episodes of Looney Tunes that have been calmer than most of the days we now have 😯 Maybe we’d forgotten just how crazy Springer Spaniel puppies are? Poor Sawyer had absolutely no idea how crazy they are!!! He just thought we’d brought home a smaller, cuter version of Baggins. He’s had to learn fast and he has the scars to prove it…

Bungo rather exploded into our lives and I really can’t believe we’ve only had him eight weeks 😯 In just eight short weeks this little bundle of energy has already eaten his way through:

  • Mummy’s shoes (she shouts, but never hides them well enough)
  • Daddy’s shoes (he hides his much better, but I think I’ve found his stash of Converse)
  • Sawyer’s shoes (all too easy; he practically gives them to me)
  • Socks (smellier the better)
  • Sawyer’s clothes (if he’s still wearing them that’s even better)
  • Daddy’s scarves (again, whilst wearing is best)
  • Food that isn’t mine (ALL FOOD IS MINE)
  • Cat poo (wrapped in cat-litter for added crunch)
  • Cat food (just to annoy the cats)
  • Cat scratching post (just to annoy the cats)
  • Cat toys (ALL TOYS ARE MINE)
  • Sawyer’s toys (ALL TOYS ARE MINE)
  • Plastic bottles (full of liquid makes most mess)
  • Tupperware (even empty Tupperware is great)
  • Daddy’s lesson-plans (this annoys him a lot)
  • Daddy’s artwork (this REALLY annoys him a lot)
  • Batteries (these actually don’t taste that great)
  • Battery charger (a little tastier than the batteries)
  • Yard brush (the dirty bristles are the best bits)
  • Watering can (they’d just left it in the garden, so what did they expect?)
  • A Gillette 4 blade razor (this made daddy do his ‘shocked’ face!!!)
  • TV remote (I was only trying to find something decent to watch)
  • Pot pouri (after the cat poo this seemed like a good idea)
  • The ‘new’ rug (if it’s that precious why just chuck it on the floor?)
  • And many more I’ve forgotten about…

Not to mention the sleepless nights, the constant biting, the toilet training, the stressful car journeys. The list goes on. It’s a massive roller coaster ride when you take on a puppy, but you do forgive all (well most!!!) of the trauma when you see how explosively excited they are to see you every morning, when you get home from work, or even if you’ve just popped out to the bin & back 🙄

Bungo is not Baggins and he never will be. Baggins was unique in oh so many ways… Bungo is very much a 100% Bungo

More Bungo blogs will, I’m sure, follow soon…