A little face-lift

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I get bored of websites, very quickly. Especially my own!!! I’ve not blogged for ages and I’ve not updated the website for way too long. Shame on me. In my defense websites & blogging can be a pretty time consuming beast, and I have been fairly busy teaching, exhibiting, making art & heaven knows what else. Just life basically… Well I’ve now made a concerted effort to change that. England are all but out of the World Cup, so that distraction will soon be gone 🙄 and in a few weeks my teaching work will break for the summer. There is the small matter of a conservatory to build (blog post to follow…) & a poorly camper-van to fix, but I should at least find time to get this website back up to speed. Online shoppingI’ve already given the site a little face-lift. Nothing major, but as I said, I get bored easily. A few pages or posts may look a little wonky for a while, so please bear with me while I work through all of the glitches. I’ve always had a rather cavalier approach to building websites, often with truly disastrous results 😮 I’ve never been one to wait until perfection before launching a website. I’m also planning to install a proper shop section onto the site, but this may take a little time. I’ve been battling with the whole ‘own shop vs 3rd party site’ for a while now, and I think I’m finally decided that selling my own wares, directly from this website is the better way forward. Etsy, Zazzle, Red Bubble, Inkify, to name just a few. I’ve spend ions of time uploading my artwork onto all of these sites in the past. They all have their merits and I have sold a few things, but I think it’s safe to say, I’m not quite ready to retire just yet!!! So there you have it. A little blog post for you… I’d appreciate any feedback on the site, especially if you notice anything that looks a little odd. I’ll continue to chip away and I will get there soon. Which is probably a lot more than I can say about our predictably poor football team 🙁

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