An unwanted guest…

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Since these long time city dwellers moved up into the country, we’ve noticed quite a few changes to our life; mostly nice ones, mostly… It’s still a joy to drive home from work into the green countryside and to remind ourselves that this is our home now. It’s nice to feel part of a small village community, we have country walks literally on our doorstep and then there’s the wildlife, which is kinda the gist behind this post.

Horses are frequently trotting along our lane, we have the laziest cockerel on the planet in the farm opposite and our garden is often full of birds. It would be an ornithophobia’s nightmare 😯 and sprinkling our lawn with grass-seed appears to have attracted every bloody bird in Derbyshire to our garden!!! A few weeks ago we found one of our little feathered friends flapping around in our bedroom, which was fairly entertaining as you can imagine. This week we discovered another unwanted guest in our


We first spotted him a few days ago as he scuttled under our sofa 😯 He then squeezed himself down the tiniest hole in our floorboards and we’ve not seen him since. Until today. Today he practically ran over my (and our dog’s) feet as I popped Sawyer’s lunch into the oven 😯 He then scuttled under the kitchen unit, much to the annoyance of our way too slow dog. I’m guessing he’s still there, although the speed he moves he could be anywhere by now. So the next little challenge is how to get rid of our unwanted little friend. And that’s assuming we’ve only got the one unwanted guest!!!