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Did a spot of teaching this afternoon. Potato & hand printing with mums & tiny kiddies. It was all predictably messy, but jolly good fun for all involved. Literally two streets from home and I suddenly heard a massive bang, my car took a huge whack on the driver’s side & I shuddered to a rather abrupt halt. A car had over-shot a junction and I was the unfortunate one that happened to be driving past 🙄 It was all predictably messy and not remotely fun or jolly. Pieces of plastic, glass & metal littered the scene and our poor faithful car had a very wonky rear wheel, due to the sheer force of the impact 😯 If I’d been a split second earlier then the driver’s door would’ve taken the full force of the impact and that didn’t really bear thinking about!!!

More than a little shaken I climbed from the car as thoughts raced through my head; in this bizarre order:

  • Christ there’s a lot of debris on the road
  • Oooh poo the car looks a mess
  • How the hell am I going to get Sawyer home from Nursery?
  • Thank God Sawyer wasn’t in the car 😯
  • Has the other person driven off?
  • Are they insured?
  • Will they admit responsibility?
  • Did anyone witness the accident?
  • And finally… I’m a bit sore; am I ok?

Thankfully Sawyer wasn’t in the car and thankfully the other driver did accept full responsibility. I even had a willing witness in the form of a Lollypop-man who raced up to check that I was ok. The damage to our trusty little car will no doubt be sufficient for the insurance company to completely write it off, which isn’t massively jolly news, but I guess it could’ve been a lot worse!!! And thanks to a few phone-calls, a few helpful relatives, a borrowed car & a taxi we even managed to get Sawyer out of Nursery before it closed… Oh and as for me; I’m a wee bit sore, but I have Guinness 🙂

Happy St. Patrick’s Day everyone…