In rainbows…

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Spent most of yesterday outside, painting, freezing cold, dodging the rain & hogging the few bits of sunshine (a lot more of this is planned for next week as well!!!). I know a lot of people really love the autumn & the changing of the seasons, but I’m not one of those people… I love the summer, the warmth, the sunshine & the light nights. Everything else is simply not good enough I’m afraid. And this is the main reason why…

My visual year...I don’t know for definite on this, but I imagine that when most people try and visualise the year in their mind, they probably see the year much like a conventional calendar, with all the months neatly blocked out in a line (I’m only guessing here???). Mine, as you can see, is a little different and this is how I’ve always pictured the year from as early as I can remember. My year begins with a downward (dark, rainy, cold, depressing) journey from January to mid April and from there I begin to climb (lighter nights & a little warmer) up into summer & July/August. My time on the ‘summit’ continues until about the first week in September (about now then really!!!), when I begin my cold & dark downward journey once more 🙁

I know this is all a little weird, but that’s how my brain works!!! So before I leave my summery summit and say roll on April,  I’ll leave you with a picture and a jolly tune 🙂

[audio:|titles=Radiohead – Jigsaw Falling Into Place]
Just as you take my hand
 Just as you write my number down
 Just as the drinks arrive
 Just as they play your favourite song
 As your bad day disappears
 No longer wound up like a spring
 Before you've had too much
 Come back in focus again
The walls are bending shape
 You got a cheshire cat grin
 All blurring into one
 This place is on a mission
Before the night owl
 Before the animal noises
 Closed circuit cameras
 Before you comatose
Before you run away from me
 Before you're lost between the notes
 The beat goes round and round
 The beat goes round and round
I never really got there
 I just pretended that I had
 Words are blunt instruments
 Words are sawn off shotguns
Come on and let it out
 Come on and let it out
 Come on and let it out
 Come on and let it out
Before you run away from me
 Before your lost between the notes
 Just as you take the mic
 Just as you dance, dance, dance
A Jigsaw falling into place
 So there is nothing to explain
 You eye each other as you pass
 She looks back and you look back
 Not just once
 and not just twice
 Wish away your nightmare
 Wish away the nightmare
 You got the light you can feel it on your back
 [A light,] you can feel it on your back
 Your jigsaw falling into place...