La Tasca – A warning to you all…

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I know this is still a fairly new blog, which probably doesn’t exactly get hordes of readers yet, but I really felt the need to share this, just in case I can possibly save anyone else from suffering as me & Tracy did last week…

Last Thursday, on a rare night out, the two of us popped into Derby to see a fab band and to grab a bite to eat beforehand. For some reason all the usual eateries were either rammed or reserved for ‘ladies only’!!! So we finally found ourselves in a pretty empty looking  La Tasca. Our gig didn’t start until 10:00, it was only 8:30, we both loved tapas, so all was well 😀 The fact that two bottles of beer, two pieces of bread and a few olives took well over ten minutes to get to us should have been warning enough, but we were on a rare night out so didn’t really care. When the waiter finally came to take our order we asked for a bottle of red and a selection of seafood tapas to share… All was still well, kind of!!! We sipped at the red, chatted, picked at the breadcrumbs, had a few more sips, chatted a bit more, tried to catch the waiter’s eye, had a few more sips, tried again to catch the waiter’s eye and then started to grumble. It was now 9:30, we’d drunk two bottles of beer and a bottle of red; we had a band to see in half an hour, there was still no sign of our food 😡 and all of the waiters seemed highly skilled at avoiding eye-contact with customers.

I could’ve almost understood the delay if we’d ordered something obscenely complicated that takes about a week to cook, but we were in a tapas bar and had ordered tapas for Christ’s sake!!!


small amounts of Spanish food that are served, especially with alcoholic drinks, in Spanish bars and restaurants:

The Spanish graze on tapas in bars whilst sipping their beers & wines, which is one of the reasons I like the place so much. What they don’t do is sit in a half empty bar for over an hour, starving hungry, without any food (bar 2 bits of bread and 8 olives) whilst getting completely trollied 😛


pissed as a fart, mashed, wrecked, tipsy, inebriated, very very drunk:

Despite the fact that we were both completely starving and there was probably nowhere else or no time to get food elsewhere, I was all for walking out. And that is precisely what I told a waiter at the bar.

‘Oh I’m really sorry, I’m sure your food is just on it’s way.’

And two minutes later it was. Our paella was uncooked and straight from a packet 😮 our tortilla was a stodgy lump of egg/brick, our salad was a bowl of uncooked spinach and our calamari were deep fried hair-bobbles  🙄 I could go into way more detail with the rest of our so called tapas, but I’ll simply say it was shockingly shite and I urge anyone who reads this to avoid the place like the plague…