Lost – Some like it Hoth…

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So, after a truly great season 5 of Lost, we’re down to just 3 episodes left 🙁 And then we’re down to the final season 🙁 And then there’ll be NO MORE LOST 😮 And that really doesn’t bear thinking about!!!

So with season 5 almost through, what do we know and more importantly, what do we need to know??? And if there’re any people out there who aren’t quite up to date with Lost, please don’t worry about the danger of reading any spoilers, because to be honest after reading this you’ll be so confused, you won’t even be sure you’re reading about the same show!!!

We know that…

Locke is alive after being dead and is now some kind of island sage/know-it-all.

Christian appears to be alive after being dead and is also some kind of island sage/know-it-all.

Ben is in the past and should have died, but he exists in the future so he didn’t (kind of!!!)

The black smoke showed Ben dead people and then decided to let him live (kind of!!!)

Miles can listen to dead people and is now in the past with his dad, who was dead when Miles was growing up so they never really knew each other. Although Mile’s dad did obviously meet with his time traveling son when Miles was a baby, but he didn’t know who he was… All pretty straight forward

Sun is trying to find Jin, who she thought was dead. Sun found Christian, who we all thought was dead, who told her that Jin is in 1977. John Locke, who they also thought was dead, is apparently the only person who can lead the way back.

Meanwhile back in 1977…

Sawyer, who’s now hooked up with Juliet, is head of Dharma security, but he’s soon to be rumbled… Should be fun!!!

Jack is a cleaner 😮

Hurley, who also speaks with dead people, works in the kitchen… Obviously!!! But he’s also writing the script for The Empire Strikes Back, as it clearly hasn’t been written yet!!!

Dharma is run by a man called Horace who looks like the lion from The Wizard of Oz!!!

Horace... cowardly lion

And then we have Faraday… Zapped back into 1977 but has somehow managed to leave the island (why?), only to return at the end of this week’s episode (why?). I’m assuming, hoping & praying the Mr. Faraday will return with a few time traveling, wheel turning, nose bleeding answers… Especially as we only have three more episodes 🙁