A New Hope

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So politics, always a touchy subject and an area I’ve never been shy of dipping my toe into. I said my bit two years ago, much to many people’s annoyance. I said what I thought was right and what I thought was wholly wrong, in the hope that good would prevail. Then the British voters (those who could be bothered) promptly decided to vote for the dark side, once again! Since then the evil Tory Empire has continued to build its wealthly Deathstar, while Emperor May has set about her relentless quest of crushing any of the poor Rebel Alliance who dare to stand in her way.

With the election imminent, it is now only a matter of days until construction work will cease and the Tory Deathstar will be fully operational. If successful, the weapon they unleash on June 8th could be seismic. The poor Rebel Alliance could face a complete wipe out, which would pave the way for years and years of more Tory misery. It’s a painfully grim outlook, but all is not lost. There is hope. A new hope, in the guise of Jedi Corbyn.

Recently emerged from his political wilderness, this mystical little old man has used his calming Jedi powers to unite his dishevelled Rebel party. Despite all the abuse he’s received from his enemies, not to mention the media, Jedi Corbyn seems to be gathering more followers by the second. Strike him down and he just returns even stronger.

So will the red Rebel Labour Alliance defeat the mighty Tory Empire on 8th June? Who knows. But joking and Star Wars analogies aside, I certainly know where my loyalties lie. And for any undecided grey voters, here’s how I simplistically see things…


I’ll start with the topical one. The Tories will further cut police numbers and funding, while Labour will increase police numbers and funding. In light of the current situation, one of these options looks insane, while the other looks obvious common sense.

Foreign policy

The Tories are currently supporting massive arms deals with Saudi Arabia, who in turn supply Isis. Labour oppose this.


The Tories seem happy to defend this offensive imbecile, while Corbyn has quite openly criticised many of this buffoons actions.

Peace v Terror

The world, I think we’ll all agree, is not in a particularly happy place at present. The two points above, in my opinion are huge benefactors to this situation. The Tories will continue to pursue military action where they (or America) deem necessary. Corbyn opposes this approach and instead supports dialogue to obtain peace. He’s been massively ridiculed for this. He’s been lambasted as an IRA sympathiser for agreeing to meet and speak with prominent IRA members back in the 90’s. Now correct me if I’m wrong here, but didn’t a peaceful resolution in Ireland come about by talking, rather than military action?

Corbyn has also been strongly criticised for his stance on nuclear weapons. He’s a passionate believer in a ban on all nuclear weapons and my one regret in Labour is their resistance in following their leaders’ view. Do you want war or do you want peace? Do you want May or the man who was awarded The Gandhi Foundation International Peace Award in 2013?

Schools and child care

The Tories have promised yet more cuts to child tax credits and will remove the current free school meals for infants children. Labour have promised free child care and will not remove infants free school meals.

Animal rights

Fox hunting is barbaric and belongs in the Dark Ages, end of argument. The Tories want this ‘sport’ back. Labour don’t. The Tories also want to scrap the proposed ban on importing ivory into the UK. I’m absolutely staggered that this wasn’t already an existing law. And why, I here you ask, would the Tories even consider lifting such a ban? What possible moral reasons could they have? Well, back in 2016 British Antique Dealers’ Association President and Conservative politician Lady Victoria Borwick strongly voiced her concerns against any proposed ban. Labour and every other political party obviously opposes changes to both of these issues.

The Elderly

Pensioners currently get a winter fuel payment to help them cover the cost of their increased energy bills. The Tories will make this a means tested payment, which in principal, I’m not entirely opposed to. I just worry where the means testing will begin. How ‘well off’ will the Tories decide that a pensioner has to be before they remove their winter fuel payment? The Tories have conveniently failed to put this information into their uncosted manifesto.


Now if you are a Tory voter, this is usually the topic the swings things your way. If you have money, the Tories will more than likely give you more. If you’re less fortunate then I’m afraid it’s not going to get any better for you under a Tory government. The Tories will continue to lower corporation tax, which in turn will help big companies to make even more profits. Big companies could then increase their employees salaries and all would be happy. It sadly rarely happens this way. Reality is that usually the big bosses are the ones to get the massive pay rises, while the bulk of the workforce struggles on a pitiful minimum wage and zero hours contract.

Labour is planning to increase corporation tax, which will in turn fund many of the promises listed above. Labour will also raise the level of tax it receives from workers who earn £80,000 a year or more. If you are fortunate enough to earn that salary, then yes financially you may be slightly less better off. You will however, still be considerably better off then many people in this country. It would take me nearly a decade to earn that much and I for one have no issues with the rich helping the poor.

There are many other issues that I’ve not mentioned: the NHS, the mentally ill, disability benefits, the human rights act, the EU, public services and the arts. All of which will undoubtedly suffer under another Tory government. If you disagree, then say so and I’ll happily argue with you. Labour, as I’ve stated, will take more money from the wealthy to pay for all of the changes they promise in their fully costed manifesto. The Tories will save money by cutting benefits and services to the poor, the elderly, the disabled and the young children in our country. If your conscience can rest easy with this, or you’re perfectly happy with any of the other issues that I’ve highlighted above, then go ahead and give the Tories another five years in government. Just be 100% sure you know why you’re voting for which party. Do your research, which I sincerely hope won’t be reading the UK press 😯

I for one will be pinning my hopes on Jedi Corbyn… Surely the good guys have to win eventually.