How to view a house in 10 seconds…

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Bearing in mind that this person had actually contacted our Estate Agents and had arranged a viewing with us…

Knock knock knock…

Guy at the door: ‘Hi your house is for sale?

Me: ‘Yes.‘ (the huge wooden sign that he was standing next to had clearly escaped him!!!)

Guy: ‘What price is it?

Me: ‘£128,500.

Guy: ‘I don’t have that much money. How much do you want for it?

Me: ‘£128,500.

Guy: ‘Oh ok. Thanks. Bye.

Me: ‘Bye.

And he left without even setting foot into our house 😯 Although to be fair, a guy on Saturday didn’t even get out of his car to view our house!!! He apparently didn’t like our doorstep as he had a small child. The ironic thing is, that our ‘small’ child was probably half way up a loft ladder while he was rejecting our lovely house!!!