What a bloody day #2…

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07:30 – British Gas ring to say that our boiler part hasn’t arrived yet, so our planned early morning visit won’t be happening.

09:00 – Our next door neighbour, who is moving house today, calls round to ask a favour… Could we please look after a ‘bit’ of her stuff until later today, as she has to have her house empty? I couldn’t really say no, so despite the fact that we’ve got 3 viewings ourselves today and despite the fact that we’ve been desperately trying to keep our house all clean & uncluttered, I took possession of a small poof/sofa (now hidden in our wardrobe!!!), a fish-tank, a huge box of random bits, a steam press (now under our bed) and two 4′ square mirrors 😯

10:30 – A school rang me to say that all of my work that is planned to start tomorrow has been delayed. Not sure for how long, but am hugely peed off about this 👿

12:00 – Boiler man called to say that he was on his way.

12:40 – Sawyer pooed his pants and I was hosing him down as someone was banging on our door. Still no idea who???

13:50 – Boiler man arrived… Just over an hour until our first viewing arrives 😯

14:10 – Sawyer decides to fill the laundry basket with grapes and drag it around the house, while I’m being shown some boiler bit 😯

14:25 – Boiler man leaves and while I’m saying cheerio Sawyer decides to climb up onto the kitchen worktop and ‘fiddle’ with our newly repaired boiler 😯

14:40 – Di turns up for a worky catchup meeting/chat. Half an hour now until our first viewing!!! While we’re doing our worky stuff Sawyer decides to ‘make a cuppa tea daddy‘ whilst stood on a chair next to the kitchen sink 😯

15:00 – Mess all tidied away and our viewings are imminent. Sawyer is now upstairs doing ‘something’. I don’t really want to know what!!!

I’m stressed and I hardly ever say that 🙁