Calvin & Hobbes – Sinuses…

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A few days ago I raced into our living-room to check on a wailing Sawyer. I found him sat on the floor, clearly upset…

‘Ice daddy.’


‘Ice in my nose daddy.’


‘Got ice in my nose.’

‘Ice? How did you get ice in your nose?’

‘I put it in there.’

‘Ice? But where did you get the ice from?’


And there scattered all over the floor was the remnants of a t-light candle. The wax, or ice in Sawyer’s case, was everywhere. He’d been picking away at the wax and a chunk of which he’d apparently rammed up his nose 😯 I’m pretty sure that whatever he’d put up there had melted by the time I’d finished poking around, but I’m also fairly sure he won’t be doing that particular stunt again!!! In much the same way as Sawyer’s much older & now rather more sensible brother learnt not to ram mint sprigs up his nose (to stop the dog getting them!!!) when he was younger!!! It doesn’t bode well really 😯