Interstellar – A mini review

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Interstellar (2014)

Tough to keep this review mini, but here goes…

Freaky things start happening in a little girl’s bedroom. This leads father, Matthew McConaughey (ex astronaut now reluctant farmer) to travel squillions of miles through space in an attempt to find a new habitable planet. Stranded McConaughey gets sucked into a black hole and ends up behind the bookcase in his little daughter’s bedroom 😯 Trying to attract his daughter’s attention, freaky things start happening in the room. This leads father (ex astronaut now reluctant farmer) to travel squillions of miles, blah blah blah… Somehow McConaughey gets rescued and he meets his daughter again, but as time has moved differently for both, his little daughter is now old enough to be his grandmother 😯

It’s a bit like nipping to the shop for some food for your starving child, only to return home to find your starving child grew up, learnt to be a chef, opened a restaurant, married, had kids, handed the restaurant over to said kids when starving child got too old to run it, and all this time being really pissed off that their dad took so long to get back from the bloody shops!!!