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Well that was a pretty hefty break. 6 weeks I’m guessing 😯 Lots of reasons why, some of which I’ll touch on later, but I thought it probably about time to hop back onto the blog bandwagon…

The main reason for my recent lack of bloggage has been work. And as a self employed artist, an insanely busy 2 months of work is a rather nice problem to have 😉 Teaching has been madly hectic, I’ve been given an empty shop in Derby to make art in during August, which I need to sort out and then on top of that, after 9 years I’m moving studios in a few weeks. It’s pretty scary the amount of ‘stuff’ you can amass in a large art studio over 9 years 😯 I’m currently ploughing my way through that ‘stuff’!!!

So 6 weeks… What have I missed?

  • Lost has gone 😥 I did enjoy the finale, although it took a couple of viewings to fully appreciate it. I’m now looking forward to a complete & utter Lost season 1 – 6 re-watch 😀
  • Dr Who has also gone, but will at least return at Xmas. Must say I thoroughly enjoyed this series. The finale was excellent and Matt Smith throughout was brilliant.
  • England had yet another stunningly inept World Cup… When will we learn?
  • People queued for hours to get their sweaty hands on the new iphone 4… When will they learn?
  • Murray’s doing rather well at Wimbledon… Until tomorrow maybe?
  • We’ve had rather a lot of sunshine… Again, until tomorrow maybe?
  • Our lovely cosy new coalition government is finally revealing it’s true colours… Grim times await I’m afraid.
  • Our TVs are now filled with the final instalment of the truly dire Big Brother… Again, very grim times await I’m afraid.

At least I’ll probably be out of the country, somewhere in Italy when it finally finishes 😀

Did I miss anything?

So, now I’ve managed to crawl back onto this blog bandwagon I’ll hopefully post something a tad more interesting next time…