Wedding ring gone!!!

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mens-18ct-white-gold-diamond-wedding-ringI’m not sure I can actually write this post. I just feel totally numb… But here goes.

Last night I bought a new headlight bulb for our car. This morning I went to fit it, but as it’s a car, nothing is ever straight forward!!! For starters you can’t access the main headlight bulb on our Citroen C5 without first removing the battery. It was also bitingly cold this morning, which is always a joy when working on a car 😯 Eventually I hauled the heavy battery out & removed the headlight cover. I then fiddled about for ages before finally getting the blown bulb out… It was different from the new one that Halfords had said that I needed yesterday. They’d sold me the wrong bulb 😡

Slightly annoyed, I then replaced the headlight cover and then attempted to get the battery back into it’s tiny compartment. Is there any reason why a battery compartment has to be about 1/2 mm bigger than the actual battery??? And I know someone will probably say it’s to stop it from rattling around or something. Anyhow, it took me ages to squeeze the big heavy lump back into it’s home. I then got a big blob of grease onto my hand from the battery terminal, shook my hand to get it off and heard a clang… My wedding ring had shot into the engine compartment of the car 😯 😯 😯

This all happened about 20 minutes ago and I’m still completely numb about it all. I can’t lose my wedding ring 🙁

I’ve searched through the engine and I can’t find it. I’ve also reversed the car off our gravel (yes gravel!!!) drive and rather unsurprisingly I can’t find it there either. Logic is telling me that the ring is still in the engine somewhere. My big/massive/enormous worry is that in a few hours time I’ll be heading down the M1 to do some teaching in Long Eaton and then the ring will surely disappear forever 🙁

I can’t tell you how gutted I’ll be to lose this…