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So last night, for some reason, we revisited the council house that I grew up in. All was much the same in the tiny cul-de-sac. 16 identical houses, 8 on on side of the rectangular green and 8 on the other. Almost 30 years and nothing had seemingly changed. I’m not sure why, but we were staying the night in the now empty house I’d lived in as a kid.

What woke me this morning was noise, and rather unexpected noise… I could hear a guitar being tuned. An electric guitar and loudly. The noise continued, so I decided to get up and take a look. If the guitar tuning was surprising, the sight that greeted me in the back garden was really surprising. The next-door house had completely gone 😯 It had been there last night. What the hell had happened? On the empty plot of land that had once been my old neighbours house, stood a small temporary stage. A band was tuning up. I then noticed that the band had attracted quite a crowd. I’d never seen so many people in this tiny cul-de-sac. Even the Silver Jubilee street-party hadn’t been as busy as this!!!

The band then kicked off into their set… ‘I know this song…‘ I thought. Song number 2 was also very familiar. I looked at the band and soon realised who they were… Chase & Status were performing on a makeshift stage in the tiny cul-de-sac that I grew up in. This was bizarre!!! It got a little stranger… After the short set I grabbed a quick word with Will from the band and asked how Chase & Status ended up playing in the little street in Derby. Well apparently Will’s aunty had lived in the street for years. She’d recently sold her house to the band. The house had then been demolished (over night!!!) to make way for the stage 😯

I think I then bought some Chase & Status fudge from the Chase & Status gift stall (told you it got a little stranger!!!), before saying cheerio to the band…

I then woke up… This one was a little weird even for me 😯 And I’m not really that big a fan of Chase & Status 🙄