3 reasons why I shunned the iPhone…

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1. Everyone and their dog has got an iPhone and that just makes me want to get something different, regardless of how good they may be.

2. The price. I would’ve had to up my current contract by almost £15 a month for 2 years, which if my maths is anywhere near, equals about £360 😯

3. Motorola (who I’m a little addicted to) have finally released a phone that is actually rather good. They’ve always delivered nice looking sexy phones (which is why they’ve always sucked me in!!!), but even I would admit they’ve often been a wee bit shite when it comes to actually using them. But apparently the boffins at Motorola have had a change of tact, which makes this…


a very, very nice phone indeed. Not quite as sexy as previous phones, but nice none the less. I’m not going to say that I think the Motorola Dext is better than the iPhone (Motorolas’ next creation will probably do this), but it is better in some areas. It’s got a proper keyboard, which is very easy to use, (unlike most on the market) and the camera is 5mp as opposed to the 3mp iPhone. And then there’re the ‘apps’ which everyone keeps going on about. At present iPhone users have literally 1000’s of lovely apps to choose from. The Dext runs on Android (which is Googles’ ‘app’ equivalent) and their ‘app market‘ must be one of the fastest growing things out there at the moment. It’s the next big thing, apparently. Which is all good news for the Android phone user 🙂

The big selling point of the Dext, apart from the ones I’ve mentioned above is the phones’ Motoblur software. Facebook, Twiiter, MySpace & other social networking sites are all synced direct to your phone and you can be constantly updated of any changes in status updates or tweets etc. It was one of the things that did slightly sway my choice of phone (I’d been undecided for AGES!!!), but it’s not really that amazing a feature if I’m honest. Although to be fair I’ve not fully worked out how to properly use the bloody thing yet 🙄

I do however have a Lightsaber app, so I’m a very happy little boy 🙂