A not so mini review – Mulholland Drive…

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Mulholland Drive (2001)

Not so mini, only because I’m a huge David Lynch fan and I’d find it really hard to squash my review into my usual one sentence version!!! Being such a huge fan, I’ll have to admit it’s slightly embarrassing that it’s actually taken me this long to finally watch Mulholland Drive. But thanks to a lovely Lynch box-set from my lovely wife, that was put right last night. Inland Empire is next on the list…

I guess the first thing to say about Mulholland Drive is that it’s very typical of Lynch, which is all very well if you like his style. Tracy’s not quite as besotted on Lynch as I am and I’m sure her review would be very different and a lot more concise than mine; ‘What the fuck?!?!‘ springs to mind. For me, the film was surreal, dark, disturbing, bizarre and made little or no sense in places (typical Lynch). The cast was littered with stunningly good looking females (typical Lynch), freaky weird characters (typical Lynch) and a midget (has Lynch made anything without a midget?). The soundtrack, as Lynch soundtracks usually are, was brilliantly haunting… I was hugely confused (typical Lynch), but did enjoy this a lot.

On a negative side I’ll say this. Mulholland Drive was initially intended as a TV series, but got rejected and I can’t help feeling that it would’ve worked so much better broken down into a series of 50’ish minute episodes. It’s why Twin Peaks worked so much better than the film version. I’m sure Tracy was quite happy with just 2 hours of Mulholland Drive, but I’d have like to have seen Lynch get the opportunity to expand it further… Maybe he did in Inland Empire? I’ll have to wait & see on that one.