Art commissions & competitions.

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We’ll start with the competition artwork for Derby’s Friar Gate Square, which I’m guessing has been unsuccessful (I’ve heard nothing either way yet, and it’s been a while)…

The brief was to design a piece of contemporary art inspired by the Enlightenment movement drawing inspiration from Derby’s own Joseph Wright. So after a bit of swatting up on the internet, and armed with glue, acrylic, magazines, print-outs, scissors, pencils and an old bank envelope (it just seemed right!!!), I set to work.

Despite the fact that I doubt I’ve won (you win some, you lose some), this was a nice little challenge, and one that I actually really enjoyed doing.

Friar Gate Square Art Competition (2012)
Mixed media collage on paper – 30 x 45 cm


Commissions are great to get, but can sometimes be rather a painful experience. This particular one was for Burton based IT company Web-b2b. Artwork was needed for the company’s new training-room. The brief for this was to come up with something that reflected the skills & services that the company offered. Social media, IT, website technology and training, were all key elements that needed to feature somehow. I was pretty confident… The finished artwork would be a large mixed-media paint/collage piece on canvas. But that was soon changed, due to a slight confusion. So, what started out as this…

Was soon changed into a drawn & painted acrylic & watercolour painting…

Despite the change of plan, this was actually a fairly painless commission. It did take me considerably longer to do than I’d originally bargained for, and my hand-drawn world map may be slightly inaccurate in places, but in the end I was rather pleased with the finished result. More importantly, Web-b2b seemed equally pleased with their new artwork and a 2nd commission could soon follow.

Web-b2b – Art Commission (2012)
Acrylic & watercolour on canvas – 100 x 80 cm