Flickr favourites…

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A l'heure où tout est cousu d'Or.I Believe in AngelsThe miniature rooms of Charles Matton at AVA London VIIGod is a DJLogical LapsesCelestial
DSC_0067Curving Around IcelandKaufhaus Peek & CloppenburgThe Returndesastre
DSC_0029Little shop of horrorsDried Giant Thistle from Jubarevery dream is just a dream.Cumberland Basin
P7212205More beautiful!Fly FreeBOBINES cabléMelissa, my dear

I’ve been a fully signed up member of Flickr for years now. Sometimes I use it and sometimes I don’t. And when I say ‘use‘, I don’t just mean uploading my own stuff. Flickr is an absolute treasure-chest of truly wonderful images… If you can be bothered to spend the time finding them.

Here’re just a few of the little gems I’ve unearthed recently. Enjoy 🙂