Homeland – A mini review…

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Homeland (2012)

U.S. marine, Sergeant Nicholas Brody returns home after 8 years in captivity in Iraq. C.I.A. officer Carrie Mathison suspects that Brody has been turned. Is Brody good or is Brody bad? Is Carrie losing the plot? Is there a mole in the C.I.A. ? Abu Nazir, can we really blame him for wanting revenge? 12 episodes. 765 minutes. And 764 of those minutes were truly glorious, edge of your seat, gripping television. Easily one the best things that’s been on the box for a long, long time… My only moan; the final minute. For 764 minutes this drama had been brilliantly building to a nail biting climax, and then the writers clearly remembered that a 2nd series had been commissioned, and it seemed a wee bit of a let down… Well worth watching though.