Lost – With a dead man…

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We’re now 8 episodes into the final season of Lost, so thought it about time to share my views once more…

I’ll get the shocking bit out of the way first… I’ve recently been getting a little cheesed off with Lost 😯 And this is coming from one of the most die-hard Losties around!!! Season 5 was simply awesome and I think we’ve all been expecting even greater things from the final outing. Sadly for me, the great bits have been few and far between so far. But thankfully things have started to pick up. The last 2 weeks especially.

So, what do we now know that we didn’t since my last Lost post…

Richard Alpert – Can’t kill himself. A gift from Jacob apparently and one that Richard is far from happy with. There’s just no pleasing some people 🙄

  • Richard (A) is thoroughly pissed off with the now dead Jacob and has spent most of this season marching through the jungle trying to die.
  • Richard (B) there has been absolutely no mention of. I’m assuming he was still on the Island when the bomb went off? If he wasn’t then where is he?

Sawyer – Still angst ridden and still keeping himself to himself.

  • Sawyer (A) has been taken under the wing of dead Locke and has been shown his name on the wall of a cave. Sawyer is a ‘candidate’ apparently and was chosen to come to the island. Candidate or not, Sawyer (A) seems intend only on leaving and is currently pitting Widmore & dead Locke against one another to clear the way for his escape. Why do we all know that it won’t work!!!
  • Sawyer (B) is now a Cop and is still hunting down the conman (Sawyer) who ruined his family. This alternate reality storyline was mostly mundane, but one thing has been bugging me about Sawyer… He was visited by Jacob after the death of his parents. I’m not sure if there’s any mention of an exact year, but it’s certainly well before the original plane crash and I’m guessing it’s even before the bomb went off in 1977. Does this mean that both Sawyers have been visited by Jacob?

Jack – Still my least favourite character and still gets the most air-time

  • Jack (A) after seeing his name etched into a compass and after seeing his house in a lighthouse mirror, now thinks he’s Mister Indestructible… I bloody hope not 👿
  • Jack (B) is moping about after his son and still hasn’t found his dead father. I’ve no idea why, but I really think Jack (B) is going to have pretty major things to play as this season evolves. On the whole the alternate reality storylines have gone nowhere and have even seemed pretty pointless, but that’s not really in keeping with Lost and I’m sure reality (B) will really kick off some time soon.

And what don’t we know…

  • What’s with all the dead people?
  • How did Widmore find the Island?
  • What’s locked away in his sub?
  • Why isn’t Kate a candidate?
  • What’s with dead Locke’s mother & back-story?
  • And when are the Apollo Bars coming back?

There is of course much more. So much more. But that’s just my two penneth worth…