Just a curry…

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We had already planned to cook something a little special this Saturday, but when Friday’s text message from friends came through the gauntlet was well and truly thrown down…

Are you just doing curry? We’ll bring an appropriate starter…

Just a curry 😯 Just a f@#king curry 👿

Sea Bass, coconut & roasted cashew nut khichdi with tomato kadhi, purple pansies and dill & cucumber raita

I do normally post the recipe for any of my foody posts, but this was a complicated one. So if anyone does want the recipe let me know or do your self a favour and buy this truly awesome book.

Rasoi: new indian kitchen by Vineet Bhatia

I bought this rather special book for Tracy a couple of years ago and we’ve been ploughing our way through the stunning recipes ever since. If you’re remotely interested in cooking ‘just a curry’ then this will probably be the best £20 you’ll ever spend.

Just a curry 🙄