What a bloody day!!!

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And it’s surprising just how often we use that phrase!!!

Today is Jake’s 18th and moments before he officially turned 18 he decided to ‘tinker’ with the settings on our wireless router. Do I need to say any more? Sometime after 1 this morning the two of us bonded over chocolate cake, after somehow getting our Internet back up and running!!!

This morning we had to get the house all nice as the Estate Agents were coming round to photograph it. And this was the cue for Sawyer to play with every single toy that he possessed!!! Tracy also had this brainwave…

I really think you should put some paint on Jake’s ceiling…

I had an hour before the Estate Agent was due and had the most splattery paint that I’ve ever had the misfortune of using. And then the phone-calls began…

We had about half a dozen viewings booked, starting at 3.30 today and our house wasn’t even officially on the market yet!!!

Meanwhile, while I was wobbling on top of a ladder covered in paint, Sawyer decided to ‘play’ with a bit of water in the bathroom. He simply popped the plug in the sink and whacked the taps on 😯 Need I say any more? We then had a delivery of party food & the Estate Agent arrived, early, while Tracy was on the phone jotting down the details of yet another viewing 🙄

With photos done we then all whizzed off out for a birthday lunch for Jake. Our first 2 viewings were waiting outside the house by the time we’d dashed back. Another one followed moments later. Nobody seemed to notice the half finished ceiling, or my speckled hair!!!

We then received the news that the house we’re buying may not be for sale any more 🙁

I have a headache!!!

Tomorrow we have British Gas round to re-repair the boiler that they allegedly repaired on Monday (while we were trying to have a birthday tea for Sawyer!!!)

And then Friday sees the boozey 18th birthday party… Followed by more viewings the very next morning 😯