Frost/Nixon – A mini review

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Frost/Nixon (2008)

This was our LoveFilm choice back in October 2010. Since then we’ve sold our house, bought a new house, subsequently lost the newly bought house, bought another house, packed our life into boxes, moved out of our old house, moved into a rented house, realised we’d lost the Frost/Nixon DVD 😯 and then 6 months later we finally moved into our new house. We then unpack and still couldn’t find the illusive DVD!!! Well a few weeks ago it turned up at the bottom of a still unpacked box 🙂 And boy, what a great, great film… A rather showbiz obsessed David Frost manages to wangle a series of TV interviews with the infamous Richard Nixon. The rest is history as they say. Frank Langella & Michael Sheen were both brilliant.

So in short we thoroughly enjoyed Frost/Nixon… Not quite sure it was worth the £25 it’s cost us in rental fees though 😯

[s3r star=5/5]