Mango kulfi…

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By popular demand, here’s my mango kulfi recipe. For those who don’t know, kulfi is an Indian ice-cream dessert that is oh so simple to make. There are a zillion & one different recipes around; some with loads of sugar & many with bucket loads of double-cream. This is my slightly healthier version…


  • Milk (I use semi-skimmed) – 500ml
  • Condensed milk – 200ml
  • Coconut powder – 100ml
  • Mango pulp – 400ml
  • Ground cardamom – 1 teaspoon
Stick the milk, condensed milk, coconut powder & ground cardamom into a pan. Give it a good stir around and bring this to the boil. Turn the heat down & simmer for about 10 mins until the liquid thickens slightly. Take off the heat and leave to cool. When it’s cool add the mango pulp & stir. Finally pour the kulfi into a container or moulds and stick it in the freezer to set… And that’s it 🙂
I’ve replaced the mango with ground pistachio before, which was really nice and I’m guessing other fruit or flavours could easily be used. I’ve also added sugar to the ingredients before, but it made the kulfi insanely sweet 😯