Lost… with a big wooden Ankh.

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So after much waiting the final season of Lost is under-way and before we know it, it will soon be all done & dusted and gone forever 😯 which I’m sure will please some people. The Lost love/hate Marmite effect seems to be in full flow at the moment!!!

So what do we now know after the season’s 2 hour opening and more importantly, what don’t we know?

The bomb – Well it seams as though the bomb did actually go off in 1970’s Lost. As a result, the Swan Station was never completed, there was never a button to push every 108 minutes, which meant that the infamous Oceanic flight 815 safely sails across the Pacific and lands safely in L.A. with all of the original Losties on-board and strangely leaves the present day Island now submerged deep under the ocean (did the explosion cause this? Was it a result of the huge magnetic energy being released?). Well that’s the story in one reality anyway, as our 1970’s Losties appear to have been zapped to the present day Island at precisely the same time as the bomb exploding, which gives us two intriguing ‘parallel’ stories or realities to follow, which I’ll call (A) & (B), with (B) being the new non plane crash reality. I guess for me the most interesting development with these two (A) & (B) realities is the fact that (A) Losties have no idea that their actions have indeed created a (B) reality… Well almost all of the (A) Losties and this intrigues me more than anything else…

Juliet – Once the love interest for the loathsome Ben, then switched her affections to Jack, only to spend her time in the 70’s with Sawyer.

  • Juliet (A) was last seen crushed at the bottom of the pit at the Swan construction site, desperately trying to get the bomb to ignite. Now zapped into the present day, Juliet is where we last left her. After a frantic rescue attempt, Sawyer finally reaches his beloved Juliet, only for her to die in his arms 🙁 Her final words to Sawyer… ‘I need to tell you something really important…‘ And with the aid of medium Miles we learn that the rest of Juliet’s sentence should have been, ‘It worked.‘ Now assuming that this refers to trying to stop the plane crash, then how the hell can Juliet know this???
  • Juliet (B) I’m assuming is somewhere in reality (B)???

Jack – He’s never been my favourite character, but I guess I aught to give him a mention. So…

  • Jack (A) is full of remorse. As a result of his ‘oh let’s blow up a bomb’ actions, Juliet is now dead and Sawyer is not best pleased. Sayid appears to die from the shooting he received in the bomb climax, which improves Jack’s mood even further!!!
  • Jack (B) meanwhile finds himself a little confused on-board Oceanic flight 815. He has a strange little sore on his neck, which I’m sure is very significant. He also manages to save a choking Charlie’s life by dislodging a heroine bag from his throat. Back in L.A. while trying to get to the bottom of his father’s missing coffin, Jack (B) also offers to give the wheelchair bound Locke (B) spinal surgery, which brings us to…

Locke – Easily the most interesting Lost character.

  • Locke (A) is dead. End of story!!! Well maybe? There is an evil version of Locke (Locke ‘C’???) on the Island, but that’s Jacob’s nasty enemy/nemesis AKA the Smoke Monster. Not sure about everyone else but I kinda miss the original John Locke.
  • Locke (B) as I’ve already mentioned is wheelchair bound and who knows just where his story will go? Where ever it does go though, Locke (B) will be going there without his trusty knives, which along with Christian Shepherd’s coffin have mysteriously vanished.

Jacob – Who the hell is the mysterious Jacob???

  • Jacob (A) has just been stabbed to death by Ben and his body has been burnt by Locke (C) AKA Jacob’s enemy AKA the Smoke Monster. A ghostly Jacob then appears to Hurley and instructs him to take a dying Sayid to the Temple to be cured. He also tells Hurley that he must take his guitar-case with him. A guitar-case that a living Jacob gave to Hurley off the Island in 2007. A guitar-case that contained a big wooden Ankh, with a hand-written message hidden inside from Jacob, telling the Temple folk to cure Sayid. Coincidence that the Ankh is the Egyptian symbol for eternal life? I think not… Lots of hows, whys and whens spring to mind with this particular issue ❓ But it does certainly imply that Jacob knew what was going to happen a long time before they did and decided to do something about it.

  • Jacob (B) I’m assuming sinks with the Island??? I don’t actually believe this for one minute!!! I’m not actually convinced that there even will be a Jacob (B) 😯

And a few other interesting points.

The two (A) & (B) realities appear to be portraying very opposite characteristics. A ‘cursed’ Hurley (A) is mirrored by a Hurley (B)  who claims to be the luckiest man alive. A lucky Hurley (B) who appears to have grabbed the interest of a certain conman Sawyer (B). Interesting to see how this plays out. Sun & Jin’s relationship is also in stark contrast in the (A) & (B) worlds. Jack & Locke’s brief meeting in the L.A.Airport Lost Property was I thought particularly poignant. These two characters have been at opposite ends of the spectrum in world (A) and it will be very, very interesting to see how this storyline develops.

And finally a few questions.

  • How will the two (A) & (B) worlds collide? (Surely this is a given conclusion?)
  • How did Juliet know that the bomb experiment had ‘worked’?
  • How did the large Egyptian 4 toed statue (Taweret) get destroyed? A bomb going off and a sinking Island would surely cause this, but had it already happened by then???
  • How does Desmond fit into reality (B)? He appeared on the flight next to Jack, but was never actually on this flight.

As with almost every episode of Lost I could write a whole website full of questions, so just for now I’ll leave it at that!!!